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Have you ever been told, “Relax honey, size doesn’t matter!”

My girlfriend uttered these words one fine night 5 years ago, and it changed my sex life completely. She knew something was troubling me for a long time, but never pointed it out for me.

At that very moment something changed and I woke up from the sleep of ignorance and denial. I understood that I had to act, and act fast. Although she was supporting me morally, I knew I wasn’t living up to her expectations. Had I not taken the initiative back then, she would’ve definitely found someone else sooner or later, who would’ve measured up to her.

I fell prey to various penis stretching and penis enlargement methods! Saw plenty of money go down the drain. In the end, things weren’t changing. Then, I gathered a lot of courage and visited a sexologist for the correct course of action.

Trust me, it was a great feeling to know that I wasn’t alone! There were millions of men out there who had a small / mediocre penis just like me.

The Doc prescribed some tried and tested penis stretching methods. Although I was skeptical to try something new all over again, the effort in the end, was worth making! After a few months, I witnessed the birth of a new me! And all I had to do was strictly follow the doctor's guidelines.

The new me was far more confident and proud of his new-found penis size! The new me could now make even the most adventurous women cry out with pleasure by reaching the far end of their vaginas!

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