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How to Safely Shave Your Balls

Why must you shave your balls? Umm, because of many reasons, but most importantly to show off your genitals’ complete unhindered view. What more, shaving gives a bigger appearance to your penis.  In the absence of pubic hair, your penis will look an extra two inches longer. A neat and clean crotch will also give you a better chance to get a good blow job. The act in itself is considered highly erotic which can be shared by you and your girl friend together.

What will you need? To begin, you will require a good shaving gel and a new razor. Make sure that the razor is brand new. Never ever try shaving your balls with electric shavers, or you might you know what. Also, never use the shaving foam or cream that you normally use to shave your facial hair. Instead, buy a shaving gel that is either meant for feminine use or is for sensitive skin.

Once you have these things together, head to the washroom. It is recommended that you trim the long hair first in order to make the whole task easier. Now wash the whole area with some lukewarm water, followed by lathering it up well with the shaving gel.

What next? You can begin by gently shaving the hair right above your penis. Keep in mind that you must shave against the grain i.e. from bottom to the top. Doing so will give you the smoothest and the closest possible shave. Now pull down your penis in a gentle manner so that you can go about shaving the remaining area with ease. Thereafter, pull it to both sides so that you are able to reach the corners.

Remember that you must maintain your focus all the time and shave gently (turn off that football or basketball game showing on the television) to prevent any accidents. Furthermore, while you are at it, you can also shave the adjoining thigh areas and even your chest and underarms.

Rinse off with a good body wash once you are done and follow it up by giving a good lathering to your pubic area, chest and underarms. Wash off all the stray hair well. You can also make use of a good quality body scrub to remove any dead skin cells which are so often the cause of itching.

Dry up the shaved area with a clean cloth or a towel. You must always wear boxers to ensure proper ventilation. A body lotion, anti itching cream or baby powder can work wonders to cure itching in any area. You need not apply these every day; just once or twice a week would suffice. Now, you can cozy up to your girl and see if she is able to notice any change in your penis size.

Shaving off your pubic hair helps you reveal more of you. However, there are other reliable medically approved items such as penis stretcher, penis pills, penis enlargement exercises, penis extender etc. that you can use to gain penis size (both length and girth) significantly.