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Foursome Tips and Tricks – How to Convince Your Partner and Charge up Your Sex Life

So, I’m sure you hang out with other couples as a couple. A series of researches carried out at the University of Maryland in USA confirmed the fact that it is healthy for couples to hang out with other couples. Watching another couple manage their sexual life and sailing through ups and downs can be a huge motivating factor for the other couple.

So how do you go about finding another couple for a foursome?

Well, finding another couple for a foursome is as difficult as finding the right girl to date. Here the things are slightly more complicated since there’s a good possibility that two of the four may not get along well with each other.

  1. The first circle to look out for is immediate friends. If you have a good friend whom you’re comfortable sharing an evening with or perhaps even bed, why not throw in the idea of involving his/her spouse too. Spend few evenings together, throw a hint and see how things go from there! You might be in for the time of your life!
  2. Head to Craigslist. There are many swinger parties happening out there where you can find a like-minded couple interested in an adventurous night out.
  3. A good ploy would be to involve alcohol in the whole act. If you have a difficult spouse, the only way to let go of his/her inhibitions would be to make him/her have enough drinks. Get together just for drinks initially and once everyone is high break the ice about the foursome. Chances are that everyone though hesitant on surface, will get excited about the idea and will eventually participate!
  4. You can start by simply making out with your partner while having another couple make out in the same room. Lights could be off to begin, and then later switched on to heat things up! Once s/he is comfortable having sex in the presence of another couple, it is only natural that a switch would happen very soon! Don’t rush it and have some patience!
  5. Communication plays a very important role in getting all four involved in a foursome. All four of you can perhaps get together somewhere and discuss what each one of you thinks about the idea and whether everyone is ready for it. No sex, just discussion. To direct the discussion in a positive direction, it will be better to discuss the things everyone likes rather than dislikes. Setting up limits and boundaries also helps in convincing anyone not comfortable.

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