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How to Correctly Wear and Use a Penis Stretcher in 7 Easy Steps

Penis stretchers can appear to be quite awkward and technical to use for a newbie. However, if looked at closely, these are innovative medical devices that are actually pretty easy to use. In fact even a novice can learn to use a penis stretcher within a matter of few seconds.

So after you receive your new penis stretcher and take out all the parts from its box, you will have to carry out a small assembly as per the instructions provided in the manual. Once properly assembled, you will have to put the penis stretcher onto your penis.

Following is an excellent video from X4 labs that clearly instructs how you must put on a penis stretcher correctly:

Step 1: You must ensure that your penis is properly warmed up before you begin with the penis stretching routine. The best method to make this happen is by using a flannel soaked well in lukewarm water. Use this flannel to warm up the entire length of the penile shaft and keep warming it up for at least 60 seconds.

Step 2: Now you must fix the right length tension bars to the penis stretcher and make sure that the size is just right with regard to the length of your penis. The right length would be one which is little longer than the flaccid length of your penis. You might have to test and try different length tension bars in order to get the one just right for you.

Step 3: In this step, you will have to insert your penis right through the penis stretcher’s base and all the way down to your penis’ base.

Step 4: At this stage, get hold of one of the comfort rings (with foam) and stretch the ring properly with your fingers so as to make sure that it will fit well. Now slip this foam comfort ring over your penile head and position it properly at the top of the shaft.

Step 5: You must now adjust the comfort strap by putting its ends through the open slits present in the penis stretcher’s support ring. While doing so you must ensure that the comfort strap’s groove is facing the side away from you. Thereafter make sure that the groove fits properly under your penis head and covers the foam ring well.

Step 6: Now you must hold the penis stretcher device and the penis in one hand, while making use of the other hand to properly pull down the end of the comfort straps until you are confident that your penis is comfortable and secured. While executing this step, you must take care that you do not tighten the stretcher too much, as it can lead to obstruction in the flow of blood to your penis.

Step 7: At this stage you must make adjustment to the extension screws that are situated at the bottom end of the tension bars until the time you can feel them stretching your penis.

The above mentioned steps describe the correct method of using a penis stretcher. After undergoing some practice you will get well-trained to easily and quickly fit the penis stretching device in a matter of few seconds. However, if you still find it difficult to use a penis stretcher consistently, your best bet for reliable penis enlargement would be natural penis enlargement exercises and/or penis pills.