The Most Common Penis Size


There is no denying the fact that Penis Size is a touchy topic for all men. However big a Penis Size they may have, they always keep worrying if it is big enough? 


To lay all such doubts to rest, we’d like you to know that your penis size is absolutely fine. You must be wondering how do we know that?! Well, a comprehensive survey suggests that only a very small percentage of men fall outside the normal range of penis size. The exceptions are either too big for comfort or are too tiny for any pleasure for their sex partners.   


There are only few professionally conducted studies that can provide a rough idea about the average male penis size. No matter how extensively it’s been written about, please know that the penis size is not the only criteria considered by women when they are selecting their sex partners. Penis Size without doubt is one among the important factors, but not the only one.  Free Penis Stretcher


In spite of the fact that a big penis size is a great confidence builder, it is just like any other body part in men, open to changing trends. For example, in ancient Greece or Rome, a big penis size used to be considered a laughing matter. However, it is true that many cultures still believe a big penis size to be an indicator of masculinity and potency. 


The penis size is greatly determined by the hereditary factors too. The penis growth starts around the age of 10-14 years in men, although in some exceptional cases it may start growing either too early or not until late adolescence.  


The common problem regarding penis size in men is that all of them are the victims of a visual illusion called the foreshortening effect. The natural angle from which the men see their penis, it always seems to be shorter than the actual penis size. However, when they take a peek at other men’s penis size, they may not observe any such foreshortening effect. So, very often men start believing that other guys are endowed with a bigger penis size. 


Almost all men are accused of making such comparisons every now and then to determine the efficacy of their penis size. But they fail to understand that they’re being shown an illusionary picture.  


Of course, there is truth in the fact that some men are blessed with an exorbitant penis size, but size is not the only mark of masculinity and virility. As per the scientific studies, the average male penis size measures around 4-8 inches while erect with a large majority falling under the 5-6.5 inches range. 


Many people think that tall men are naturally blessed with a big penis size, but that’s not true. The accomplished American researchers known as Masters and Johnson conducted a survey of penis size of over 300 men. The biggest penis size was found to be around 5.5 inches in flaccid state belonging to a thinly built 5’7” tall man. The smallest penis size was 2.25 inches in flaccid state and belonged to a heavily built 5’11’ tall man. We hope that this boosts up your confidence!


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